Monday, September 19, 2016

Storytime - Daily Life Struggles with being young.

I wanted to go ahead and make a few posts to get this blog started. So this post is basically just a couple of stories about the struggles my wife and I have gone through being related to our age or looks. We will start at the wedding. My age or looks did not affect the preparation for the wedding much (I just did what my wife said). However, my wife had a negative experience with Wedding Dress shopping because of her age. Her first day of wedding dress shopping, she went to David's bridal with her little sister to see what she could find. Upon entering the store, the associates noticed her but did not speak to her. When she asked if she could look at the dresses, they told her she could look but she could not take them off the rack and did not offer her any assistance because they thought she was just a high school girl hanging out just looking around. It wasn't until she put a down payment on a dress that the associates paid any attention to her. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are planning the wedding of your dreams and trying to get prepared and no one takes you seriously, I could understand why she was frustrated.

The second big issue with the Wedding plans relating to ourage was the honeymoon. We had decided in advance that we wanted to spend a week on a beach in Florida. We picked out our favorite honeymoon spot and called our number one hotel choice. Only to find out, we were not allowed to stay there because we weren't 21. I would explain to them I was going to be on my honeymoon but this never made a difference. A little discouraged, we kept searching. Everytime we found a nice play to stay, my wife would have me call them to ask if we were allowed to, and the answer was always no. One hotel told me to bring someone with us over the age of 21 to check us in... Because we really wanted a family member to come on our honeymoon with us... -.-  It is bad when you are old enough to sacrifice your life in the military, get married, have a family, buy a car, But you can't rent a room because you are not "old enough". We became extremely discouraged and even began looking at other honeymoon destinations just to see if we could even go on a honeymoon. A couple of weeks went by and my wife found a vacation motel type place on the beach and had me call them. They said we could stay! It ended up being extremely nice on the inside, almost like a little house and even had a hammock. 

So in the end, the honeymoon worked out great. We went to Disney World, Spent time on the beach, went to universal studios, and ate WAY too much seafood.. But a lot of the problems we went through would not have been an issue if we were older.

Thanks for reading guys!

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