Monday, September 19, 2016

I am officially a Blogger!

Hey everybody. I have finally started my blog! To start, let me tell you about myself.
My name is Blake and I am creating this blog to kind of tell you guys what it is like to be married at a young age in a time where its normal for people to be in college until they are 26, but not to be married young. I am from Tennessee and I met my wife online while I was in college at University of Memphis ( she is from Arkansas). When we met, I was 19 and she was 18. 6 Months after meeting her, I proposed, and about 7 months later we got married at 20 and 19. To most people, we are insane. One of the most common questions we get is why would you get married so young?

The Answer is simple. We love each other, and you can appreciate someone more when you watch them change and grow up into a mature adult. We both are still working on our relationship as well as the struggles of becoming an adult. But it is great to have someone going through the same situation as yourself and knowing you aren't alone. When I met my wife, I was failing college, moving between friends and family member's houses, I had a couple of part time jobs here and there. I was too obsessed with my social life. On the contrary, my wife was an avid Netflix watcher. She has anxiety and had struggled with social events so home was her comfort place. She even had trouble ordering food at the drive thru because she felt awkward speaking into a box. It has now been roughly two and a half years since we met and a year and half(ish) since we got married and we have changed so much (We are about to turn 22 and 21).  She has now completed dental assisting school and is a dental assistant. I am in my last year of my associates degree for business and just recently started a job as a front desk representative at a hotel full time to gain clerical experience. We have switched roles completely socially. I now prefer to watch movies instead of going out, and she likes to socialize more than me now. Even though we have grown so much, we still look (litterally) 16 years old. 

Another common question we get is - You guys must have a kid? As if this is the only reason we should get married young. It is sad to see that in this period of time, it is more acceptable of people to have accidently baby when you are 16, than to get married at 20.

Anyways, this blog is to just kind of tell our story to people of all ages. Hopefully, some young couples will be able to relate. Maybe, some older people will know how different it is now a days. Or maybe, you will just think we are plain crazy. As long as I can give you a story that you will remember :)

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